Tokyo DisneySea Fall 2019 Photo Trip Report with Soaring: Fantastic Flight Ride Review

Welcome to the most unique Disney park on Earth!

Halloween decorations are up at the park, though they are much more sparse compared to Tokyo Disneyland next door.

The S.S. Columbia's smokestacks are currently getting some TLC. But, the rest of the ship is still open for guests.

Mount Prometheus is also under refurbishment at the moment.

The scaffolding can still be seen a little while inside Mysterious Island too.

Unfortunately, Journey to the Center of the Earth is also under refurbishment.

Next time!

Nearby, the newly-opened Soaring Fantastic Flight attraction held a heavy 120-150 minute wait throughout the day.

All FastPasses had been distributed within 30 minutes of park opening.

The attraction's storyline has guests entering the Museum of Fantastic Flight that's located in an old-world Italian village, which subsequently matches the surrounding Mediterranean Harbor area of the park perfectly.

It took approximately 45 minutes in the uncovered overflow queue line to reach the official entrance.

The detail never ends!

Pioneers in the world of flight are on display throughout the line.

Now THAT'S a unique ride system...

Next, guests officially enter the lobby of the Museum of Fantastic Flight.

In the queue's final room, guests in the standby line converge with FastPass guests and enter the preshow.

Don't be fooled by that somewhat normal looking panting...

The preshow for this attraction is incredibly high-quality and unlike anything I've ever seen. Clever projection mapping technology utilizes shadows to interact with all of the "paintings" (Digital screens) in a really cool way.

Afterwards, guests proceed to one of the three "Terrazzas" for boarding.

After a final safety spiel, riders go through the doors, strap themselves in, and soar! The ride itself is very similar to the US versions of Soarin' Around the World, with the exception of a new Tokyo night skyline scene and Tokyo DisneySea flyover. But, the queue and preshow alone make the attraction worth riding for those familiar with the other versions!

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