Tokyo Disneyland Fall 2019 Construction Update/Photo Trip Report - New Fantasyland and The Happy Ride with Baymax

 Welcome to Japan!

Half of the park's front gate turnstiles are under construction at the moment, so pretty long lines can form before opening. 

 The Tokyo Disneyland website mentioned that guests could be let into the park entry plaza 30 minutes before scheduled opening to compensate for these delays. But, this unfortunately did not happen during my visit.

 It's Halloween time!

 Customized decorations are scattered throughout the park.

 How festive!

 The Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay is also now open, and a healthy line was present throughout the day.

 Happy Halloween!

Moving on, construction crews are going full throttle on New Fantasyland to meet the April 15, 2020 opening date (In time for the Tokyo Olympics crowds).

Here in Belle's village, guests will be able to experience Maurice's Cottage, Gaston's fountain, restaurants, and shops. The facades appear to be pretty similar to the Beauty and the Beast area of New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park in Florida.

 Most areas of the land are still covered in tarps, but guests are surprisingly allowed to walk through this still incomplete area.

The Beauty and the Beast Castle towers over this entire new area! This will be the entrance to the headlining Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast trackless dark ride. 

 Peeking over the fence, the rock work and pathways appear to be nearly complete. A lot of resources are probably being used inside the show building to get the ride ready to go.

Looking right, the new 1,500 seat Fantasy Forest Theatre next door is also coming along nicely.

 Nearby, The Happy Ride with Baymax flat ride had an active construction site throughout the day.

 The ride itself has not gone vertical yet. But, it's relatively small size means that it should pop up pretty fast once they get going.

 From up above, you can get a good sense of how much space this new attraction will use.

 Over in Westernland, the new for 2019 Cowboy Cookhouse food location serviced plenty of hungry customers around dinnertime.

 Yee haw!

This food location only serves turkey legs and a type of frozen slushie, but nobody seemed to mind.

Until next time Tokyo Disneyland!

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