All-New "Candymonium" Hypercoaster coming to Hersheypark in Summer 2020 - Hershey, PA

Hersheypark announced the all-new Candymonium attraction for the park in Summer 2020! This new Bolliger and Mabillard Hypercoaster will take riders up 210 feet before dropping them back down to Earth at a top speed of 76 mph. 

Over the course of almost two and a half minutes, riders will glide through 4,636 feet of steel track that includes seven camelback hills and a 123-degree hammerhead curve. 

This new attraction will be the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in all of Hersheypark, and is part of the new Hersheypark's Chocolatetown area of the property that will include a redesigned front gate, new dining options, and a flagship retail store.

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