Six Flags Great Adventure July 2018 Photo Trip Report with Cyborg: Cyber Spin Ride Review - Jackson, NJ

Today we head to Jackson, New Jersey to see what's new for 2018 at Six Flags Great Adventure! We review the new Cyborg: Cyber Spin attraction, check out the Safari's three new Eurasian Lynx Cubs, and much more!

Likely due to the forecasted afternoon thunderstorms, the park was pretty empty today.

 This view has changed since our last visit! The Joker is in a prime spot for guests when first entering the park!

 Just a few steps forward near Joker, Ale House is now open for visitors 21+ to enjoy.

This new outdoor dining location features table and bar seating, and serves a variety of beers, wines, daiquiris, and margaritas!

 Moving on, the Safari Off-Road Adventure attraction has three new stars for visitors to enjoy.

 Just outside of Camp Aventura, three new Eurasian Lynx Cubs are now on rotating display!

These felines arrived earlier this month, and were taken in from a different facility that was unable to care for them.

There are currently one male and two female cubs, and the park is actively trying to bring over the cubs' parents that are located at the same facility. Hopefully the park will be able to make the reunion happen!

 Elsewhere in the park, this relatively new walkway now provides quicker access to the park's latest attraction...

 ...Cyborg: Cyber Spin!

This unique creation from ABC Rides is the first of its kind in North America.

 The gyroscopic rotations of the ride are intense! The ride does not move very fast, so there is luckily no whipping sensation that can be found on other rides of similar nature (HUSS Top Spins). The current ride cycle programmed by the park is moderately intense, and just the right length. If the ride was any longer, I probably would have gotten sick after riding! Overall, this new attraction is a thrilling experience in a compact footprint!

 The queue line provides some nice background info on the DC characters featured in the attraction.

 Looks good!

There is also a nice large grass section right behind the ride, which is a great resting spot for crowded park days!

 Stepping back, this area now has the highest concentration of DC Comics themed rides in the park.

It even has a nice Metropolis bridge at one entrance!

This park has an interesting situation on their hands with regards to DC Comics themed rides. Every red X above indicates a DC Comics ride. The attractions are spread out all over, and make it difficult for the park to have an actual DC Comics "Metropolis" section of the park like other Six Flags properties have.

And finally, I noticed this Hydration Station stand near the entrance plaza. I have never seen a station like this at any Six Flags park, and I applaud Great Adventure for putting guest health and safety over soft drink profits in this situation!

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