Luna Park Photo Trip Report Summer 2018 with New 2018 Ride "Coney Clipper" - Coney Island Brooklyn, NY

Today we head to Luna Park at Coney Island in New York for a quick photo trip report! The park has officially opened the new-for-2018 Coney Clipper in time for the Summer crowds!

 The Cyclone's paint job is still looking good since its refurbishment a few years back.

For 2018, Luna Park is welcoming the Coney Clipper to its flat ride collection.

coney clipper new 2018 ride luna park at coney island
 But there's no need to wait, because the ride is now open! Located right next door to the Cyclone, this classic pirate ship attraction is a nice addition to the park's already impressive flat ride collection.

magic bikes luna park coney island
It appears that the existing Magic Bikes attraction also received some new wooden fencing to match its new neighbor.

 Today was a hot day in New York, and that means the beach was packed!

thunderbolt coney island luna park
The Thunderbolt coaster is still chugging a little ways down the boardwalk.

This ride has such an interesting mix of elements for a compact coaster of its size, and is exactly what the park's attraction lineup needed.

Look at that airtime!

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