Crazanity New Ride Construction Update #3 - February 2018 at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA

Today we head to Six Flags Magic Mountain to check out what's new at the park, along with a peek at the latest progress on the Crazanity and Boardwalk construction site!

 The park is now open every single day of the year, and a new entrance sign has been erected out front to celebrate!

Starting at the back of the park, the notoriously un-reliable Apocalypse is still closed for refurbishment.

Over at Riddler's Revenge, the famous queue-line disco party has returned! Flashing lights and electronic music are once again entertaining patient guests while they wait for their ride. It's always good to see the park invest in their current attractions. reported earlier this year that new storage pouches were added to the back three rows of Twisted Colossus, but it seems that management has yet to make this change for all rows. It is a little strange that the park only chose three out of twelve rows to add pouches too, and hopefully all other rows will receive this modification soon.

Moving on to the Boardwalk construction site, both the Scrambler and Sand Blasters flat rides are in the midst of an extensive refurbishment.

 The park is definitely taking its time with this project, as the structures appear to still need a lot of work done before opening day.

We should see them pick up the pace very soon though. I should note that it is common for parks to wait until closer to opening day to complete their smaller projects.

Moving towards the Crazanity ride area, more trees have been cleared near the ride's land plot. No actual ride parts appear to have arrived yet.

 Construction walls are still up in some sections of the Boardwalk, but the majority of the area is still open for guests. This should change in the near future though, as work needs to be done on the entire area.

Looking back, the Shoot the Hoops game is mostly gutted, but still standing.

 Looking a little to the right, more land clearing has happened on the Crazanity land plot.

 Johnny Rockets will be staying in the new Boardwalk section, and hopefully a fresh coat of paint will be thrown on its exterior before opening day.

We'll be sure to check back again soon!

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