Four New Dining Experiences coming to California's Great America for 2018 Season

Starbucks California great America 2018 A

California's Great America has announced four new dining experiences for the 2018 season, along with a new 500 seat Pavilion Patio for private events. This expansion is just one piece of the park's long-term master plan to add new attractions and experiences for guests. 

Starbucks California great America 2018 B

First off, coffee lovers will rejoice with a new full-service Starbucks location inside the Hometown Square section of the park near the Celebration Swings attraction. A custom-designed interior with images from Great America's rich history will be featured in this new store, along with all of the company's signature drink and food items. Those taking a moment to rest between rides will find oversized window seating to relax at that overlooks the park's midway, along with a new outdoor patio. Starbucks will be located at the site of the previous Candy Cafe shop.

Sierra creek lodge California great America 2019

Over in the Planet Snoopy kids area, the current Joe Cool Cafe will be re-imagined into Sierra Creek Lodge. This family dining experiment will carry a mountain lodge theme, set with wild animal murals and exterior woodwork. The location will now feature a Panini bar with veggies, meats, and sauces. Drink wise, a new specialty Coca-Cola Barrilitos station will serve flavorful juice and water blends like mango lime and strawberry hibiscus. Service lines will also receive doubled capacity for quicker service, along with added seating via an extended patio.

Next, the new French Quarter Cake and Churro Factory will open with customized funnel cakes. Guests will be able to choose topping flavors like tropical coconut, cookies and cream, caramel, apple, pineapple, and more. Specialty churros, with flavors like s'mores and key lime pie, will also provide options for guests' tastebuds. A new outside patio will be erected right outside for guests to enjoy their sweet treats in the sunshine. The experience will take over the previous Sweet Tooth shop.

But the deserts don't stop there, as the new Orleans Candy Kitchen will serve classic confectionery items with customization options. Guests will be able to choose the toppings for their caramel apples and then watch the treat be made right in front of their eyes. Other options, such as fudge and salt-water taffy, ensure that every visitor will find the right treat.

Great America has been taking noticeable strides in the past couple of years to elevate the all-around park experience, and it is definitely showing. We can't wait to see how the park continues to evolve in the near future! That's all for now from Theme Park Overload. Make sure to "Like" our Facebook Page to gain access to Exclusive Content and Live In-Park updates! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!