Crazanity New Ride Construction Update #2 - November 2017 Six Flags Magic Mountain Valencia, CA

Today we visit Six Flags Magic Mountain to check out the construction site for Crazanity, the park's new pendulum flat ride for 2018! Construction crews have reached a new milestone, as the old metro station located on the site has been demolished!

 Holiday in the Park is returning to the park for 2017, and the decorations are all up!

 The DC Universe section of the park has received its annual drenching of Christmas lights.

The main Christmas tree has also been erected, which serves as a solid seasonal photo op for park guests.

Each section of the park has some type of holiday theming, which adds to the overall atmosphere. The park has been adding new decorations to its collection every year since the event launched in 2014, and it's starting to show!

 Over in the Boardwalk section of the park, fences are now rerouting guests around the active Crazanity construction site.

...And just like that, the old metro station is now gone! All of the concrete steps, along with the station itself, have been removed. Some of the old metro track is still in place, which can be seen in the ride side of the above photo. 

For comparison purposes,  here is what the location looked like during our last visit in September. 

 It looks like a whole new queue and station are being built for the ride. The entrance will likely be located on the right side of the above photo.

 The Boardwalk section of the park, which is getting revitalized along with Crazanity, is still open to guests.

 From another spot, the scope of the demolition comes into view. Note the scraps of purple lumber laying on the ground, which were from the entrance of the old metro station.

The old track will likely be torn out as construction progresses in the coming weeks.

 Here is what the same location looked like during our last visit in September. The park directions post, along with a sizable chunk of concrete, have been removed as well.

The Sand Blasters bumper car attraction is still open, and should close sometime in the near future for its upgrade.

Construction for Crazanity is kicking into high gear, and we will continue to follow the progress in the coming months! Make sure to "Like" our Facebook page to get updates on Crazanity, along with the latest news from your favorite amusement parks! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!