Kennywood Photo Trip Report Summer 2017 - The Lego Movie 4D Experience Review

Today we head to Kennywood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a quick update around this scenic park! We take a special look at the park's unique new offering for 2017: The Lego Movie 4D Experience!

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Welcome to Kennywood!

Kennywood is currently deep into its summer season, so crowds are expected!

kennywood park map 2017
A look at the park's current 2017 map.

We love photogenic parks! Phantom's Revenge always makes for a great backdrop!

Black Widow, the park's fairly new Zamperla Giant Discovery flat ride, held a healthy line throughout the day.

Now for the main event: The Lego Movie: 4D Experience!

Kennywood has a unique attraction on its hands, as this is one of only two locations that The Lego Movie attraction can be found outside of a Legoland property.

The Lego movie franchise has seen great box office success, so this attraction already comes with a good sized fan base.

Some trivia plays on screen while guests are getting settled.

As far as the experience itself; it runs like your standard simulator ride. The "4D" effects (Smell, motion, effects) are slightly under powered, but decent. Don't expect any Universal Studios style experience; this is a pretty traditional amusement park simulator. This attraction's main selling point is its unique IP, as the Lego brand is met with seemingly universal approval. Very surface level knowledge on the Lego movie characters will definitely help riders understand the attraction, but this simulator ride can still be enjoyed by all. This is a unique attraction with broad appeal, which should spell success for Kennywood!