Six Flags Magic Mountain April 2017 Photo Trip Report - Justice League: Battle for Metropolis Construction Update

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today we head to Six Flags Magic Mountain in sunny Valencia to check out Spring Break 2017 on the mountain! We'll take a look at a few noteworthy updates around the park, but spend most of our time checking out the hot Justice League: Battle for Metropolis construction site!

 New promotional displays for Justice League are now hanging high above the park as guests enter.

 Spring Break 2017 brings the crowds! This was the front plaza around 11:30am.

Over to one of the recently worked on areas of the park, the Screampunk District entrance has received its fresh summer coat of paint! The area is as bright and inviting as it was on opening day!

 Apocalypse is still closed for its retracking work, and was badly missed with the heavy Spring Break crowds during the day.

 I couldn't spot any visible track work being done, so hopefully their work will wrap up soon.

Also on the new paint bandwagon, Gold Rusher is looking great!

 All of the park's energy is being diverted to the back section of the park, where the new Justice League attraction and surrounding areas are currently being built and renovated.

Taking a peak past the fence, the whole area is a tractor's playground right now. The existing JB Barbeque's venue on the right will survive this renovation, and will be re-branded as a BBQ restaurant called "Ace O'Clubs".

 Looking left, you can get a good view of the new attraction's proximity to the restaurant.

 The sun was in our eyes here, but this is more center in the plaza (BBQ to the right, Justice League attraction to the left). All of the surrounding sidewalk in front of the new attraction has been ripped out, likely for the new attraction's outdoor queue line.

 That popped out section of the building will serve as the signature Justice League entrance facade for the new ride. 

Continuing down the path, this photo should give you a better perspective of the attraction's massive show building. Their will be a lot of action going on under that roof!

Looking towards the back side of the building, the construction continues.

Zooming in behind the show building, more work on the plaza's landscaping and outer edges is being done.

 This will look a whole lot different in a few short months!

 Hopefully the park will either paint or resurface the sidewalk surrounding the new plaza, as the surrounding asphalt is quite patchy and will not be up to par with the surrounding area.

 Sounds like a plan!

 We can't wait to ride this special edition of Six Flag's popular dark ride based attraction for the park this Summer. That's all for now from Theme Park Overload! Make sure to "LIKE" our Facebook Page to gain access to Exclusive Content and Live In-Park Updates! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!