3 New Baby Giraffes Born at Six Flags Great Adventure for 2017 Season

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ is celebrating the birth of three new giraffes. Since August of last year, three new giraffes have been born on-property. The three giraffes are: “Xena” born Jan. 2017 to mom Georgia; “Eddie” born Nov. 2016 to mom Priscilla and “Charly” born Aug. 2016 to mom Noel. The park's giraffes are Somali giraffes, a species native to northeastern Kenya, southern Ethiopia and Somalia. They possess a distinctive coat pattern featuring red-brown polygonal patches divided by thin white lines. 

Starting April 1, 2017, guests will be able to see these new additions on the existing Safari Off Road Adventure attraction. Located in the Frontier Adventures section of the park, SORA allows guests to ride in massive, all-terrain vehicles and view over 1,200 animals from six different continents. These new baby giraffes will compliment the existing giraffes already at the park nicely, and will allow frequent park guests the opportunity to watch these animals grow up.

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