Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Summer Photo Trip Report - August 2016 Santa Cruz, CA

Today we head to the world famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for a quick update! The park is winding down operations as summer comes to a close, and has already begun work on their 2017 plans!

 Here is the epicenter of all the 2017 new attraction chatter...the strip containing the lazer maze and fright walk. The park plans to knock down this strip of buildings and rebuild them to improve traffic flow and the overall look of the structures.

 The attractions are currently closed, and the workers I saw appeared to be gathering attraction equipment to store until the new building is constructed.

Fright walk will also be re-imagined, through the park has not released specifics on how they plan to upgrade the attraction.

 The concept art for the entrance facade looks like a home run to me!

 The park plans to start demolition work just after Labor day, so the days are numbered for these buildings.

Other rumors have been pointing to the park extending the upper level deck above the buildings and expanding with new rides. Maybe Undertow will get a shiny new neighbor?

More workers continued to show up throughout the afternoon to work on the project.

Undertow is still a smooth and fluid compact coaster! The ride hasn't shown any aging yet!

This may not be super recent, but I was impressed with the rechargeable card "point" system used for admission onto each ride at the boardwalk. The process is very fast and efficient, and keeps the lines moving!

Nice kiosks, like the one above, are scattered throughout the park, and make purchasing or reloading rider cards painless.

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