Walt Disney Studios Park Paris Resort Photo Trip Report and Review - July 2016

Welcome to Part Two of our coverage from the Disneyland Paris Resort! Today we head to the neighboring Walt Disney Studios park to check out movie magic, Disney style!

Welcome to Walt Disney Studios Park! This is the entrance plaza right past the turnstiles before a unique indoor entrance hallway funnels guests into the park.

Hollywood, indoors!

Walt Disney Studios is considered the sister park to Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida, and also shares a few traits with Disney California Adventure post-renovation!

Authentic movie props are scattered around the park enhance the Hollywood atmosphere. The props are pretty old, though, and young park guests may not appreciate the collection like their older counterparts.

After Disney California Adventure's HTOT is re-imagined into the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction this winder, the park will house the sole dual-loading version of the attraction (Walt Disney World's version uses a slightly different technical setup).

Crush's Coaster, a signature attraction to Walt Disney Studios, holds a consistent crowd throughout the day! The ride's low capacity definitely contributes to the line, but the attraction is also very popular with park guests!

It's always interesting to see where English is used over French around the parks...

The ride is a slightly modified clone of a popular Maurer Stone coaster model, yet the coaster still creates a unique Disney experience. The dark ride elements, mixed with the indoor nature of the main coaster segments, discern the coaster from the standard amusement park fare. Get in line early in the morning to avoid the largest crowds!

Welcome to (mini) Cars Land!

Luigi's Tires, without an under-performing tire ride...Disney finally figured it out!

Also next door, Toy Story Playland provides a nicely themed strip. A few flat rides and giant-sized props adorn this little nook of the park. The whimsical section is sure to please any Pixar fan! 

The environment was cleverly created, and has the same feel as the interior facades of Toy Story Midway Mania.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop! SIR YES SIR!

Right next door, it's time for what we've all been waiting for!

Ratatouille: The Ride! This trackless E-Ticket motion dark ride is a work of art. The unique trackless system helps immerse riders into the world of Ratatouille, as you really feel like a scurrying "rat" running through the streets of Paris. 3 rat-shaped ride vehicles are dispatched at a time, and the units crisscross and interact with each other continuously to provide each vehicle with a unique experience. One minute everyone may be together at one main screen, while the next each unit may split up into different sections and rooms. The innovative ride system pairs nicely with the crisp and enveloping 3D screens. Seriously; I don't think I've ever seen an image as crisp and sharp as the ones on this ride. The actual motion system on each ride vehicle does sync with the animated ups and downs on screen, but the range of motion is not extensive. Nevertheless, this ride is a masterpiece and truly the centerpiece of the entire Disneyland Paris resort. Do NOT miss this attraction!

A signature dining experience, Bistrot Chez Remy sits directly to the left of the ride. While we didn't have time to eat inside the restaurant, the kind staff did let me snap a few pictures of the heavily themed interior!

The lobby.

Their are plenty of props and decorations to keep waiting guests occupied for a few minutes while their table is prepared.

Chez Remy offers you his warm welcomes as you enter the main dining area.

A French Themed Bistro...in France!


Bon Appetit!

Looking to the right, the mini Ratatouille land also features its own gift shop.

American consumerism at its finest!

The park has a nice entry tunnel that fuses the Ratatouille section and neighboring Toy Story Playland together.

Elsewhere in the park, Walt Disney Studios also houses the sole remaining Studio Tram Tour for a Disney park.

Another movie prop, this time from 102 Dalmatians!

The video tour is verrrrrrry dated, and has even picked up some new laughs over the years due to its age.

Catastrophe Canon is probably the highlight of the tram tour, and contains explosive pyrotechnic, motion, and water effects.

The tour also includes a spin through a wrecked London movie set.

Marvel properties have also made their way into the park, in the form of a Spiderman Meet and Greet.

The posted wait time was over 30 minutes, and stretched into the outdoor queue. I don't think Disney is having any buyers remorse from their Marvel purchase!

Should we tell them? 

Overall, Walt Disney Studios is Disney Magic in a compact form. Some attractions are pretty dated, but still entertaining in their own way. The park's E-Ticket attractions are superb (Honestly, it'd be worth the visit solely for Ratatouille) and the expansion plans from the past and future continue to lead this park in the right direction as a full day park. Think of it as a 2008 version of Disney California Adventure, on the tipping point of being a Disneyland-rivaling park but not quite there yet. If you are visiting the neighboring Disneyland Park, make sure to spend at least a couple hours around the park.

That's all for now from TPO! Special thanks to Mikhael Kissita and the Disneyland Paris media relations department for their accommodations with Theme Park Overload. Make sure to "LIKE" our Facebook page to get Breaking News Updates delivered straight to your inbox! www.Facebook.com/ThemeParkOverload My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!