California's Great America to transform "Vortex" Stand-Up coaster into "Patriot" Floorless Coaster for 2017

California's Great America has announced that their B&M stand-up coaster "Vortex" will be transformed into "Patriot" for the 2017 season! A new blue and white color scheme, along with floorless trains, will transform the aging Vortex into a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

The ride's new theme will nicely complement the surrounding All American Corners section of the park. Riders have until September 5 to get their last rides on Vortex before the ride is closed for renovation. That's all for now from Theme Park Overload! Make sure to "LIKE" our Facebook page for Breaking News Updates and Live In-Park Content! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!