Ride Review of The Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with Photos - Media Day May 2016 in Vallejo, CA

The wait is finally over! Today we headed to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to attend Media Day for The Joker! Months of planning and construction are finally over, and The Joker is finally ready to welcome its first riders! If you're wondering, this brand new Wood Steel Hybrid Coaster lives up to the hype! More on that in a bit...

The park did a fantastic job of theming the station, The massive clown head, Joker trinkets, and ground paintings make the ride entrance a destination within itself! Discovery Kingdom has continued their streak of  highly theming their new attractions, which is always applauded.

The station itself is pretty familiar, minus a fresh coat of red fun house paint! The cars themselves are snug for riders, but provide taut and welcoming lumbar support. This is appreciated during the ride's countless twists and turns!

Onto the ride itself. The coaster does a great job of incorporating thrilling elements from the past  ROAR wooden coaster with the signature experience a RMC Wood Steel Hybrid coaster delivers. The first drop, for example, will feel familiar to past ROAR riders, yet brand new in its own way. The pacing of the ride is superb, and rids the attraction of the awkward pauses and lapses from its previous incarnation. The ride does not feel super fast, but the speed is high enough for the twisting elements to be thrilling and enjoyable.

The coaster feels very cohesive among its different elements, but this also means that their is no "special" or "absolute best" part. If I had to pick a highlight, it would be the final barrel roll towards the end of the ride. The inversion takes you by surprise due to its location on the ride. The train enters this inversion much slower than the other two, and the lowered speed brings different and interesting g forces to this seemingly familiar element. As a whole, the coaster is a solid attraction. It stands as a somewhat compact yet complete package for all the signature airtime and thrills Rocky Mountain Constriction coasters deliver. It may be too early to call, but I believe The Joker will become Discovery Kingdom's premiere coaster. Make sure to experience this unique attraction as soon as possible!

The ride gift shop is still under construction, but should be opening soon!

Paint away!

Additionally, the neighboring Tsunami Soaker attraction has been renamed to "The Penguin" and now carries a DC Comics theme. It looks like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom finally has a mini DC Comics land of its own!

The Joker delivers on every front, and is an absolute "Can't Miss" for any Northern California thrill seekers!

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