"The Joker" Hybrid Coaster Exclusive Construction Site Tour - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom April 2016

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today we head to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for an Exclusive Construction Site Tour of the active "The Joker" Hybrid Coaster site! The track work is about 95% complete, and the park plans to begin testing in the coming weeks! We have full coverage from today's event, staring with video straight from the construction site!

On to the photos!

 We started the tour near the park entrance and were ushered into the construction site complex. The site was active, with workers constructing the ride right before our eyes!

 The "Step under flip"element, unique to The Joker, will no doubt be a ride highlight.

 Can you say "Airtime"?

 Though the ride's footprint is a little compact compared to other Rocky Mountain Construction installations, the ride structure is still pretty prodigious. Pictures don't do the ride justice!

 It'll be interesting to see how fast the ride takes these turns, as RMCs are known for sustained high speeds throughout the entire ride.

 The "Breaking wave turn" that is visible from the ride's main entrance will surly induce some interesting G-forces.

 This inversion should include some fun hang time!

 Here's a general layout of the elements nearing Roar Plaza.

You turn one way, but the train twists the opposite way!

The little twisty hills before the lift hill will get riders' energy going!

 We also looked at the new ride operation room that the park relocated from its previous location of underneath the main station, A newly built shed now sits adjacent to the main station. 

The combination of elements on this ride is incredibly diverse, which will make a unique ride experience overall. Opening day can't get here fast enough!

 Here is some concept art for the new retail shop that will welcome riders just outside the exit.

 Another angle.

The park also announced today that The Joker's queue will be themed to a Fun-House!

Initial painting and renovation has already begun, but this will likely be one of the last projects completed before opening day.

 The park is heavily investing in theming for the ride, and it shows!

 Additionally, The Joker himself made an appearance to officially unveil the front ride car!

The car was meticulously crafted and detailed!

We can't wait to ride The Joker when it opens in the coming weeks! While the park did not provide any concrete timeline (As always), the general plan is to finish track work in the next 2-3ish weeks and start testing after that! Knowing Six Flags, I would estimate an opening day sometime during the first week of June. That's all for now from TPO! Check out our Facebook page for Updates and News from your favorite amusement parks! www.Facebook.com/ThemeParkOverload My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!