Disneyland Resort Photo Trip Report - April 2016 Spring Break: Star Wars Land Construction, Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters, Autopia Refurbishment

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today we head to the Happiest Place on Earth to check out all the happenings around the resort! The park is busy as can be for Spring Break 2016, and we dove in head first to brave the crowds! Today we'll check out construction progress on Star Wars Land, the new Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters attraction in Cars Land, new exhibits on the Star Wars Franchise at the Star Wars Launch Bay, refurbishment progress on Autopia and Jungle Cruise, and more!

 Banners still adorn the front entrance plaza for the Disney Diamond 60 year events as the celebration enters its final months.

 Tomorrowland has been turned into "Season of the Force" to the apparent delight of Star Wars Fans everywhere! The area quite literally feels like a temporary Star Wars Land until the permanent one opens up across the park (More on that in a little bit).

 The Tomorrowland section of the park was in grid lock for the entire day, with Star Tours and "Hyperspace" Mountain consistently carrying the longest wait times park-wide.

Speaking of Hyperspace Mountain, I was impressed with the new Star Wars theme added onto the ride temporarily. All traces of Space Mountain are virtually absent from the ride, and Star Wars music and special projected effects adorn the entire dome throughout the ride. As usual, Disney did a superb job syncing the whole experience together with digital projection and on board audio during the twist and turns of the ride. Make sure to get a ride while the Star Wars theme lasts if you visit the park soon.

 Complementing the rest of the new Star Wars attractions, Star Wars Launch Bay houses exclusive movie replica memorabilia for guests to admire and experience.


The pictures don't do the props justice, but the detail is remarkable!

Stepping outside, refurbishment for Autopia is in full force.

The park will spruce up the attraction and open up soon with a new sponsorship from Honda.

Few more months!

Jungle Cruise is additionally closed while the park removes holiday decorations and refurbishes the ride.

Now for the main event in Frontierland.....

Dirt hill? What could that be?... 


 Star Wars Land! Construction is bustling along to transform all 14 acres into the new themed area.

This new section will be the largest expansion ever at Disneyland Park when it opens in a few years down the road.

The Rivers of America will remain dormant for a while while construction continues nearby and waterways are rerouted to accommodate the new land.

 Over to California Adventure, the annual Food and Wine has begun!

 The resort's newest attraction, Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters, is now open! The new ride brings a second chance to Luigi and his tire shop after the previous floating tire ride that occupied the space closed.

 The ride uses a very modern trackless ride technology, and features synchronized cars "dancing" to traditional Italian music.

 The ride is pretty simple, but still entertaining to ride. The attraction is a sound replacement to the previous occupant, and restores another attraction to the roster for younger kids to enjoy.

Make sure to stop by at night, as the ride looks even more photogenic with its intricate lighting!

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