Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Photo Trip Report with The Joker Construction Update #2 and Holiday in the Park - December 2015

Today we head to our home base Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to take a look at all the happenings park wide! We'll look at the popular "Holiday in the Park" Christmas event that has returned with a plethora of decorations and lights, along with construction progress on "The Joker" (The first pieces of track have been erected into place!).

The new ad wraps on the buses look fantastic!

Outside the park gates, progress on the construction site of The Joker is hard to miss!

The park has finished removing the top layer of old wooden track, and is starting to remove specific parts of the wooden structure to conform to the new hybrid coaster's track layout.

Here's a step back to put the two structures into perspective.

The steel beams that the IBOX track attaches to are starting to rise on the lift hill, which means we should see some lift hill track going up very soon!

Inside the park, most of the track from the brake run to the initial descent out of the main station has been erected into place!

I know which piece is next!

Here's the little bunny hill that comes right after the initial drop and left handed bank out of the main station.

This was the first piece of track erected earlier last week (Coming out of the main station).

The left handed bank out of the station is moderately sharp, which is a good thing!

Brake run minus the brakes.

I spy the prized Rocky Mountain Construction truck!

The lift hill chain has arrived!

 Definitely an active construction site!

Moving on, let's take a look at Holiday in the Park!  

 The park's offering a nice little horse driven carriage ride over by the Elephants section and Tava's Jungle land for $5 a person.

 Christmas Tree Forest!

Well hello there!

 The Looney Toons Kids Section has a nice array of decorations as well.

 The tree in the Main Plaza is dressed head to toe in sparkling lights!

The main plaza is home to the new "Six Flags Dazzle" music synchronized light show. Some of the building's LEDs flicker and create shapes and patterns, while the center tree twinkles along. It's a bit of a stretch to call this a full on "light show" (the bulk of the presentation is shown above) but the additional lights around the plaza, nevertheless, positively contribute to the park's holiday atmosphere. 

This is always a fun time of the year to experience the park with all the holiday decorations, and I recommend getting one last visit in before the year is up! That's all for now from Theme Park Overload. Make sure to "LIKE" our Facebook Page for Exclusive Content and Live In-Park Updates! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!