The Joker Construction Update #1 - October 2015 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Today marks the start of a journey for Theme Park Overload, as we have Construction Update #1 from the New-for-2016 RMC Hybrid Coaster "The Joker"! We'll be following our home park closely over the next few months as the now defunct Roar GCI wooden coaster is transformed into a new Rocky Mountain Construction masterpiece known as "The Joker"!

 Progress on the Construction is visible as you first enter the park! How's that for a steep drop!

 A decent amount of track has been removed already.

 Now inside the park, I believe this inside turn will be completely removed. An overbanked turn will be built on the structure higher up.

For reference.

 Tracks to nowhere.

It's possible that they will keep some of the old wood for overall structural support.

 When they said Roar has some tight and hard-to-access sections, they weren't kidding!

A close up on the base of the lifthill...more track removed! 

From another angle, the top level track should become the overbanked turn and the second level down should go bye bye! 

 Thanks to the compact cameras of 2015, we can see some stuff behind the fences!

Is the old lumbar jealous of the clean new lumbar?

 Another angle inside the construction site.

 It's just like the Thomas the Tank wooden tracks you stacked and assembled as a kid!

By the brake run, the track has been fully removed.

 More of either a). an active RMC construction site for The Joker or b). the most pathetic coaster ever built.

Just in case somebody tries to walk into the station.

Spring 2016? We'll see Six Flags!

Until Update #2...

That's a wrap for Construction Update #1! We'll be following construction on "The Joker" at our home park Six Flags Discovery Kingdom closely over the next few months, so make sure to "Like" our Facebook Page to get the latest photos and updates delivered straight to your inbox! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!