Adventureland Photo Trip Report - September 2015 Des Moines, Iowa

Welcome to TPO! Today we have a unique Photo Trip Report from a smaller park, Adventureland! Located just out of Des Moines, Iowa, this family owned property spans 180 acres of amusement park fun! The park has a Disneyland-y look to it, with a Main Street and accompanying park locomotive! The photos below were taken earlier this month, as the log flume attraction below has now closed. The park will be clearing the old log flume's plot of land to start construction on their new 2016 Gerstlauer Infinity coaster "The Monster"!

Special Thanks to TPO Correspondent Andrew Masters for covering today's event!

 Main Street, Iowa!

 You have to appreciate that "family owned" amusement park vibe!

Choo Choo!

 The park is beautifully landscaped to merge nature with coasters and attractions!


Loop de loop over the water!

One of the park's highlight coasters, Tornado.

 The park's other wooden coaster, Outlaw. The Wild West has made its way to Iowa!

 Outlaw's layout packs a decent punch for a coaster built in 1993.

They even have their own "Windseeker"! This one;s named Storm Chaser.

The midway with a superb backdrop!

 Also included with park admission is Adventureland's Water Park!

 This is one new and noteworthy waterpark...look at all those colorful slides!

 Steep and Steeper!

Overall, one solid park!

 Finally, we take a final look at the park's Log Flume attraction.

 The attraction opened along with Adventureland park in 1973, and was manufactured by the legendary Arrow Dynamics country.

 The flume will be missed, but the new  Gerstlauer Infinity coaster named The Monster will definitely be a thrilling replacement!

Until 2016!

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