Opening Date for Golfland SunSplash Roseville's New Water Slide "Riptide" set for Late July

Theme Park Overload had the opportunity to visit Golfland SunSplash in Roseville, CA to check on construction of their new "Riptide" Water Slide! We had the opportunity of talking with Golfland's Head of Water Park Operations to learn many details on this nearly completed Water Slide for 2015!

 The new tower is located right at the park entrance, and is in full view for all park guests to see. Because of its more remote location from the main Water Park tower, an isolated splashdown pool at the bottom will not flow into the centralized "Lazy River" like a lot of the other park's slides.

Those curious on the stats of "Riptide" can get their fix while observing construction. The height of the tower is 72.74', but the actual slide is 62.63' with a length of 406.5'. "Riptide" will be the tallest Slide in the park when open.

 The slide model is a Tornado Wave from manufacturer ProSlide, and is a relatively new slide design to American Water Parks. A similar version I've ridden at Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas was fantastic, and much more thrilling than meets the eye,

Here the park's Skyline can be seen from the 80. I was told that the new tower built for "Riptide" was designed to allow another slide to be built on the right side from the existing tower, meaning SunSplash will be in the green for Future Expansion in the years to come.

Riptide's original Opening Date was tentatively set for 4th of July weekend, but a combination of Permits from the City and the hassle of constructing a New Slide during the active operation of a compact Water Park has led to minor delays. The new target date has been set for the second or third week of July. If all goes well, "Riptide" should welcome its first riders around July 18!

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