Sea World San Diego Photo Trip Report and Review - April 2015 with Manta Roller Coaster

Today Theme Park Overload heads to Sea World San Diego to bring you one of our largest updates yet! We check out all the major shows and attractions, and even take a special look at the Manta Launched Roller Coaster! Let's get moving!

As expected, protesters can still be found on the public walkways leading up to the park entrance. From my observations, the protesters remained peaceful and calm during their demonstrations. 

It's been a very long time since I visited Sea World San Diego, and may I say the entrance plaza looks AMAZING! They did a fantastic job designing the layout of the area, as it really helps set the atmosphere and build excitement while entering the park!

Like many parks have been incorporating lately, Sea World has clean and modern entry turnstiles. These not only simplify the admission process, but speed up waiting times to enter the park during peak periods!

On to our first stop, the incredibly photogenic Manta launched coaster!

Sometimes photos can't do a coaster justice! Check out some off-ride shots of Manta via our Official YouTube Channel ThemeParkOverloadHD!

I was very pleased with this coaster for some unique reasons. Sea World did a great job of identifying the demographic this attraction was for, and chose the perfect coaster model and manufacturer (In my opinion) to fit the task. It's thrilling enough for the hardcore Six Flags-type riders, but gentle and tame enough for the other end of the spectrum of occasional riders. It proves that a thrilling coaster doesn't always mean insane speeds and numerous inversions. 

While waiting in line to ride, guests are treated to views of some Manta Rays!

Visiting a true "Theme" Park, unlike the more plentiful thrill parks like Cedar Fair and Six Flags, is a nice shakeup. The little things, like the heavily detailed hallway seen above in the Manta Queue Line, really do make a difference in the total immersion factors for parks. It's that type of feeling that the more premium Theme Parks like Sea World offer, with the trade-off of a generally higher ticket price vs. a traditional Amusement Park. It's the reason adults can still walk through a Disneyland turnstile and feel like a kid again!

Manta's loading station.

More of those awesome details, this time on the station ceiling.

Riders (Especially in a long line) should appreciate the simple restraint process Manta has, courtesy of the manufacturer Mack Rides. The single, secure lap bar gives riders enough comfort and freedom during the ride, while also speeding up load and unload tomes.

The coaster's exit flows into a Manta Ray Meet and Greet.

Did I mention the coaster is super photogenic?!

Moving on, the Bayside Skyride attraction is currently closed for maintenance.

 Also on the renovation/maintenance list is the octopus exhibit!

Sounds promising!

Time for some sharks!

The interior decorative elements are a little bit cheesy and fake looking, but the exhibit nevertheless is enjoyable!


For our first show, Blue Horizons! The stadium was practically empty...

Overall, the show was ok. It incorporates a few more Human Actors than I'd like (Acrobats, Dancing, etc.) and I do wish the Dolphins and numerous animals were incorporated a little more. This is more on the preference side, but I personally prefer more Animal-Driven entertainment and content when watching a show at Sea World.

Moving on, next up is Pets Rule!

I would compare the show to the Animal Actors show at Universal Studios Hollywood. It's a refined and well-performed show, with many entertaining features and laughs to be found throughout the show. If you have any Dog or Cat lovers in your group, this one is a Must Do!

Now for some more exhibits, we move over to the Wild Arctic section!

Can you say B-E-L-U-G-A!

The exhibit is a little small and dated, but was still packed with park goers during my visit!

Now for the next door neighbor(s), Penguins!

They sure have a lot of them! You can get some great views of the little guys in this exhibit!

Finally, a day at Sea World isn't complete without seeing Shamu! The One Ocean show is jam packed with 11 killer whales (including Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's previous member Shouka, who was relocated to Sea World San Diego in 2012)!

The show was choreographed well, and the different songs and routines are arranged together into one solid and smooth performance. The show has suffered a little due to Sea World's new policy of trainers not being allowed in the actual pool along with the whales while performing, but was still able to be entertaining without individuals in the water.

Ta Da!

Mr. Turtle says goodbye!

That's all for now from Theme Park Overload! Special Thanks to Jennicca Taylor and Sea World San Diego for their continued hospitality with TPO! Make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel ThemeParkOverloadHD to get more of the latest video content from parks we cover here on TPO! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!