Six Flags St. Louis Photo Trip Report - Fall 2014 Eureka, MO

Today, Theme Park Overload heads to the coaster capital of Missouri at Six Flags St. Louis. We take a quick look around the entire park, and check out the second to last operating day from last month of Scooby Doo Ghostblasters before it closed to be transformed into the new Justice League 3D Dark Ride for 2015.

Special thanks to Theme Park Overload Correspondent Andrew Masters for covering today's article!

Sky Screamer's flying high to kick off the day!

American Thunder's in action...This is a very underrated GCI (Great Coasters International) coaster, it's got some cool track elements in it!

Signature banked-turn shot.

Superman was stuck in this position for a bit during the day.

St. Louis is one of the only Six Flags Parks not to receive the "Limited Time Only" Backwards Batman ride promotion...maybe we'll see this in the near future at the park?

This has to be on of the best themed swinging Pirate Ship flat rides out there!

Who doesn't love some good IPs in the park!

Moving on, this year's new attraction Tsunami Soaker is also in full swing.

This is a pretty fun/DRENCHING flat ride (Seriously, you get soaked) as I underestimated how much I'd love it when I rode the one at my local SF park Discovery Kingdom earlier this year.


Finally, Andrew was there to give his final goodbyes to Scooby Doo (The ride has now permanently closed).

Though not top of the line Disney-quality, I've always had a deep respect and enjoyment for any dark ride an amusement park will invest in. Coaster riders and bench warmers can all come together to ride them!

It's neat that the makers of Scooby Doo (The fantastic folks over at Sally Corporation) are also the ones behind the new Justice League ride being installed in the same space. Must be bitter sweet to dismantle your own creation for a new one!

The park had Shaggy and Scooby out greeting guests as they gave their final goodbyes.

That's all for now from Theme Park Overload. Make sure to click the "Videos" tab above to check out the latest HD POVs and Construction Updates from your favorite parks! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!