Six Flags Magic Mountain Photo Trip Report - October 2014 (with a Twisted Colossus Construction Update)

Today we head to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA for a general update around the park to see the new and noteworthy happenings. We also take a special look at the hot Twisted Colossus Construction Site to see the impressive progress they've made so far! 

Welcome to the Thrill Capital of SoCal! The park made it VERY clear that they won the "USA Today" poll as Best Theme Park in the Country, can you tell?!

First let's check out the park's New for 2014 additions...the revitalization of the Kids Area to Bugs Bunny World!

I have to say, I'm a sucker for cleanly polished signs in themed areas! I looked at Magic Mountain as more of a "Themed" Theme Park as I walked through (If that makes since). The park did a great job with this new area!

Shows are finally back for the little ones at the Carrot Club theater!

And of course, the park's 19th coaster, Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers!

Yes, the coaster is eve smaller than I pictured it. But No, it doesn't really matter what I think about it because it's a family coaster for little kids.

The theming was pretty decent around the new ride though! Any junior thrill seekers are sure to enjoy this one.

Moving on, the new Full Throttle Sports Bar from this year also looks fantastic!

I'm personally not a big sports fan, but for many of you that are THIS IS YOUR PLACE TO GO! This place has so many screens up, down, and all around that it's almost ridiculous....Buffalo Wild Wings level of TV Screens! Definitely a haven for any sports fan; and indoor air conditioning dining is always a plus!

 Down the road a little bit, the Twisted Colossus construction site is busy chugging away after its recent mishap with the fire.

Nothing has been done with the queue line yet for rerouting rails and paths due to the new single track load/unload process.

The track has been removed from one side of the station.

Introducing...The First Rocky Mountain Construction I-Box Track to be painted blue

The park chose a nice shade of royal blue that'll go well against Colossus's white structure.

You can see the Blue and Green track poking out near the bottom as the track is routed to the lift hill.

Construction is in full force!

The park also announced the addition of "Back Alley" to come in the surrounding areas of Colossus that'll include new food and merchandise locations. I hope that they take full advantage of this, and also fix up the horrible area right next to Colossus over at Scream. The place is literally a barren wasteland, as you can see in the photo above. I had 3 different guests ask me as I was walking around if Scream was even open. I'm not going to complain about what a crappy job Magic Mountain did with the installation of Scream, or how it would do better at a different Six Flags Park, mainly because complaining doesn't fix the current situation. My hope is they spruce up this area and get guests back over here!

They've cut a few trees down to the trunk and fully closed the Ice Cream shop next door to Colossus, so hopefully we'll see some much-needed retheming here very soon!

And finally, a look at where the fire has damaged Colossus. The park has not changed their plans for Twisted Colossus, and has promised the track repair to come soon.

That's all for now from Theme Park Overload! Make sure to check out the Video tab at the top of the page for the latest HD POVs and Video Updates from our YouTube Channel ThemeParkOverloadHD! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!

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