Six Flags Great America Photo Trip Report - September 2014 Gurnee, IL

Today we head to Six Flags Great America to get a nice look around the park. It's now the Amusement Park "Off-Season" as we enter fall, so nothing major is happening right now at the park (And Most Parks). But you know, a simple photo report can do us all some good every once in a while! 

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 There, hiding in the bushes! It's huge, it's terrifying, it's....Goliath!

 For a Saturday in September, Goliath was decently packed! Andrew reported a 90 minute wait time midday.

 Heading up the lift hill...

 WOW! If the first drop's steepness doesn't impress you every time you look at it, please get your head checked.

 Hang Time, and Hang Time, and Hang Time, and MORE HANG TIME!

 Moving on, X-Flight also held a steady crowd as usual throughout the day.

I still can't figure out why Six Flags hasn't put a clone of X-Flight in another park. I could picture it in at least 2 parks.

 That drop definitely has some kick to it!

 All hail the Key Hole!

 Whizzer still chugging along as always.

Whizzer has a decent layout and bag of tricks considering its age!

 Finally, we pay tribute to some of the lesser known DC Characters courtesy of Superman: Ultimate Flight's Queue (I told you today's update was simple!)

No Superboy, I definitely didn't forget about you...

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