Thunderbird - New 2015 Launched Wing Rider roller coaster at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana

Holiday World has just announced their New Attraction for the 2015 Season, Thunderbird! Being a $22 Million Dollar expansion, this marks as Holiday World's largest expansion ever!

 Using B&M's current Wing Coaster, the 20 seater car will launch riders from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds out of a fog filled special effects tunnel using LSM Magnetic Technology! Riders will be thrown immediately up and into a 140' Immelmann Loop into the first of 4 inversions.

Without skipping a beat, riders will be brought back down to near ground level and into the second inversion, a 125' vertical loop!

After 2 Overbanked turns, the ride enters a Zero-G Roll for its third inversion.

The train enters a very unique "Double Fly Through" element that wraps around a set piece. Coming off of a headchopper element for riders, the train performs its 4th and final inversion, a 360 degree barrel roll

The ride's total length will be 3,035' and reach a max height of 140 feet. It will be the First Ever Magnetically launched coaster built by B&M, Thunderbird's Manufacturer. It has an expected opening date of Spring 2015 inside the Thanksgiving section of the park.

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