Orange County Fair July 2014 Review/Photo Trip Report - Costa Mesa, CA

It's Summertime, and that means time for some good ol' American Entertainment! Today Theme Park Overload heads to the 2014 Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA to show you all things worth checking out!

Welcome to Costa Mesa Fairgrounds AKA The 2014 Orange County Fair!

Even though this is an online article, I still don't want you to get lost

The midway...It was around 11 AM on a Friday morning, so crowds weren't too high at the time.

Photographing all of the food vendors is somewhat pointless in my mind, because all of the food stands are mostly your standard fair food (Turkey Legs, Funnel Cake, Soft Serve, Corn Dogs, Deep Fried Desserts). One of the few unique food stands I found was this cinnamon roll shop near the live stock section of the grounds. They were AMAZING!

Over to the rides, a portable Dark Ride! Very mildly themed as expected, but still impressive for a fair!

Signature Ferris Wheel shot.

If you're really into the whole "Fair Drop Tower" thing. (I prefer to be plummeted down to the Earth on towers with solid concrete foundations, personally).

The morning/mid afternoon was decently empty for a Friday.

Because you have to pet at least ONE animal!

The goat made me get his good side

On a side note regarding public transportation, I HIGHLY recommend taking the OC Fair Express busses from the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) to the grounds. A direct, $2 each way fare from main destinations throughout SoCal take you right to the entrance. I took the Laguna Niguel line (About a 30 minute ride each way) and the bus was practically empty both ways.

*PLUS* If you take the OC Fair Express to the grounds, the driver will give you a $9 OFF coupon for general admission to the fair! $4 roundtrip fare + $3 general admission = $7 total for a great time! (It'll make it a little easier to pay for the $5 bottles of water) 

Overall, the 2014 OC Fair is a great event for locals to spend the day at. I found the food and ect. a little higher priced then your average fair, but overpriced food is just part of the experience! (Right?) That's all for now from Theme Park Overload. My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!