Review of Tsunami Soaker Water Ride - Now Open at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for 2014

Today we headed to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA for the Grand Opening of the new Tsunami Soaker water ride! Located in the Sky section of the park, this new spinning water attraction is perfect for the whole family! We have full coverage from opening today with Park Interviews, Rider Footage, Photos, a full review, and more! Ready to get Tsunami SOAKED?!

HD POV of Tsunami Soaker

Tsunami Soaker Interview with Captain Lee

Check out the new kid on the block, Tsunami Soaker!

 9 boats, each equipped with 6 water guns each, are suspended on a moving platform to board. After all 54 guests are loaded up and cleared, the entire ride dunks down into 2 feet of water and rotates!

On top of every riding guest having a water gun, onlookers can get into the action themselves with the additional water guns surrounding ride! When everything's running, it creates a massive jumble of water flying in every direction!

One thing that I really like about the ride, that you can't find anywhere else in the park, is the interactivity. The rotating boats and water guns make for more of a unique experience, with no ride ever being the same! Giving riders that extra feature, and putting the experience and control into their hands, really sets this apart from all the other rides. And through the watery blur from my 7 rides on this thing, I saw nothing but huge grinned smiles from everyone around.

A special Pelican friend name "Clive" watches over your entire experience on the ride!

And if it isn't a blistering hot California Sunny day at the time of your ride, this giant heating fan will be sure to dry you off!

Overall, I really enjoyed Tsunami Soaker! Though it's not the same "thrill" you get from a coaster, it really is a unique and solid ride. I can definitely see park guests, along with their friends and family, having a great time on this new attraction. Props to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for continuing to expand their diverse lineup of rides and attractions in the park.

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