Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier Trip Report and Photos- April 2014

For our third and final Spring Break Southern California set of trip reports, Theme Park Overload heads to a more unique park today!

Pacific Park, located on the Santa Monica Pier, is a very unique small park. It separates itself from the big players like Six Flags and Universal with its On-The-Ocean location and well rounded activities surrounding that are great for families (Beach, Downtown Shops in Santa Monica). Though not really a "Thrill Seekers" park, I personally enjoyed the different atmosphere for a change. Now for some photos!

 The entrance really brings the atmosphere of a family's a nice change from the usual Concrete Entrance Signs :)!

 Did I mention the view's amazing?! You can virtually see the ocean throughout any point in the park!

The park's main (and only) Roller Coaster is West Coaster. It's an interesting little thing, and has a few nice Floating Airtime hills! It's short, but the crew lets you cycle the track twice! You may recognize the coaster from some movies and stuff too, as it's a very popular filming spot due to its close Hollywood proximity.

 The park is currently renovating the eastern span of the park's wooden pier structure.

 So there's wood.....and that sums up all the construction going on right now!

The plan, for those curious park guests!

They also have a Trapeze school inside the park, that's a first!

When they say "On the Beach", they mean it!

While Pacific Park isn't worth a trip to SoCal for the park solely, it's great little retreat for you amusement park lovers. If you're in the area, and are looking for a nice way to spend the afternoon on a hot day, this is your place! That's all for now from TPO. Check out the Videos tab above for the latest HD POVs and Construction Updates from your favorite parks! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!