Knott's Berry Farm Trip Report April 2014 - Calico Mine Train Refurbishment and Knott's Berry Bloom

Today we're bringing you a trip report from our first-ever visit to Knott's Berry Farm! Given the proximity of the park to all the other ones we've visited nearby, it's strange we've never been here before. But, well, that changes today! A look at Knott's Berry Bloom event, Calico Mine Train Refurb photos, and some signature Knott's "goodness" awaits you below!

Good Morning Knott's Berry Farm!

The seasonal entrance for the Spring Event going on currently at the park.

One thing I love about this park is it's SO PHOTOGENIC!

 Moving on to some business, Garner Holt Productions is busy working away on the Calico Mine Train Refurbishment Project!

As they did (Fantastically) on the Timber Mountain Log Ride, Garner Holt Productions will be reinventing and imagining the entire ride with new props, scenes, and animatronics!

 Today crews were pouring concrete for the Queue line.

 Check out that superb entrance sign!

 Scaffolding upon scaffolding.

 The construction reminds me of Cars Land on the rockwork!

 Moving on, Knott's has scattered some Spring-Themed activities for children around the park.

 I really noticed that Knott's, very similar to their neighbor Disneyland, pays close attention to landscaping and detail. The park is a good middle between Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain, as it has a decent mix of thrill rides and overall "Theme" park elements,

 I enjoyed the Timber Mountain Log Ride a lot, very well done. Great Job Garner Holt!

And finally, a promise for the future ahead!

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