Disneyland Resort Trip Report - April 2014 Spring Break: Marvel Innoventions, New Starbucks in Downtown Disney

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Moving right along with our SoCal parks trip reports for Spring Break, today brings us to the Disneyland Resort! Today we're checking out the latest happenings from both parks and Downtown Disney, with quite a bit of new things going on! The new Captain America Meet and Greet is up and running inside Innoventions, the resort's third Starbucks located in Downtown Disney is now open, and a lot of refurb work is going on all around resort! Let's get started!

First up, Innoventions was packed busy today due to the help of some new Superheros!

Marvel Superheros have been invading the attraction ever since Disney's Purchase of Marvel, and based on attendance I saw today park guests are eating it up!

Iron Man's incredibly detailed suits are looking good!

Their is a virtual game that allows park guests to suit up digitally and become Iron Man!

With the help of the Xbox Kinect and some Disney Magic, park guests are brought into the world of Iron Man! This mini-attraction held about a 20 minute wait all day.

And for the newest Marvel addition, a chance to meet with Captain America! BUT IN REAL LIFE!!!

The line was CRAZY long, like Mickey's House in Toontown long. This is fantastic news for Disney, and for any fans who've been crossing their fingers for a Marvel-Themed Park/Land!

 Next door, Finding Nemo is still undergoing its Year-Long Rehab.

 Wasn't much work going on today, but I'm definitely excited to see the changes and updates made to the ride when it reopens this fall!

 Also on refurb, my favorite (And the unbiasly 100% BEST ride built EVER) Indiana Jones! It says it's opening Spring 2014, but isn't that NOW! :(

 Over in Fantasyland, the Mega Popular Meet and Greet with Frozen characters over in Walt Disney World has made its way to California!

Hi Olaf!

Hopping over to California Adventure, some work is going on over at the waterfront.

Crews are busy working on the exterior of the building.

From the other side.

A fresh set of paint will be mighty nice!

Speaking of refurbs, Little Mermaid is closed too!

Why are all the good rides closed! 

For you annual pass holders, a Maleficent preview is headed your way!

And finally in Downtown Disney, the new Starbucks is up and running!

A beautiful glass facade greets visitors to the resort's third Starbucks location.

Did I mention it's VERRRRY roomy inside?

Also much needed for DD, some great outdoor sitting places!

That's all for now from TPO! Special thanks to Valerie with Disneyland Public Relations for giving us the chance to check out all the latest from the resort! "LIKE" out Facebook page to be updated live of New Articles and our In-Park Updates! www.Facebook.com/ThemeParkOverload My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!

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