El Loco Adventuredome Roller Coaster Grand Opening 2014 - Ride Review and HD POV Circus Circus Las Vegas

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! We're back in Las Vegas on special assignment today at the Media Event for the new El Loco roller coaster now open at the Adventuredome Las Vegas! Located inside the iconic Circus Circus hotel, El Loco is the newest addition to the park's well-rounded Amusement Park offerings inside the fully enclosed Adventuredome Indoor Theme Park!


Interview - Chad Severance with S&S Worldwide

Interview - Jack Morris with the Adventuredome

Upon walking through the Circus Circus hotel, and stepping foot inside the Adventuredome, a new gem comes to sight. The compact yet mighty El Loco coaster fits just right into the Adventuredome, with its ominous first drop being the first look most guests get at this bad boy. After a few more steps and a quick flight of stairs, you start to realize what you're about to get into.

The mostly bare station (With the exception of the "El Loco" wall mural you can see near the station exit) works in an interesting way, as it comes off as clean and sharp. After a possible stop at the ride lockers adjacent to the station, El Loco awaits.

After a quick safety check, your 4 person car is off! The On-Board audio starts up as you climb the speedy chain lift hill. The car then quickly snaps down and into a U-Turn as the first drop approaches! Due to the lack of trim brakes at the top of the hill, the car enters the first drop incredibly fast! It's easily the best part of the entire ride, as it feels like you're flying as you descend the first drop. The front row offers a great view, where the back row whips and violently throws riders up and out of their seats!

The car then makes a sharp right turn into the first set of trim brakes. This part is very smooth and hardly slows you down. The train then goes into an awesome 45 degree out-banked turn, that especially brings weird G-forces to the rider on the left hand side of the car. The car then twists to the other direction, but this time the track twists all the way upside down to leave riders hanging! It's a little rough in this part, but the very well designed lap bars help minimize the minor shakes.

The car then dives back and up into the next set of trim brakes. This provides a nice POP of air, especially for those back row riders. Now things get interesting, as the car first twists 90 degrees out to the left side, and then a full 270 degrees to the opposite right side to bring riders once again fully upside down! It reminds me of the inside of Full Throttle's loop, as you're literally hanging upside down for an eternity with just a lap bar! The car then dives back down and brakes immediately into the brake run with the help of copper magnetic brakes.

El Loco is a fantastic compact coaster, and perfect for any coaster fan that's visiting the Las Vegas Strip! Best seat? Front row, left hand side. That's all for now for us at Theme Park Overload! We had a great time the past two days here in Las Vegas, and would like to send a special thank you to Krista with MGM for personally working with us and making this trip happen! Make sure to "LIKE" our Facebook page to gain access to Exclusive Content and live In-Park updates! www.Facebook.com/ThemeParkOverload My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!