VIDEO: Testing Begins on Magic Kingdom's new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction for 2014

The new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction, currently under construction in the New Fantasyland area at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, has reached a new construction milestone! The ride has begun cycling the attraction's trains fully in the track, and we've got the video to prove it! Thanks to Mouse Steps for providing the HD POV!

The ride's cars are very unique, as they can "swing" left and right in accordance to the track and its forces. We should see this attraction soft opening to the first park guests in mid-January if construction continues at its current pace.. This will officially complete Walt Disney World's multi-year New Fantasyland project that's been opening in phases since June 2012. I had the pleasure of taking a visit last December when another round of attractions opened in the area, and I was blown away by the level of quality and storytelling in the area! If you're visiting the Walt Disney Resort anytime soon, I HIGHLY recommend that you spend some time in this awesome new area!

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