Disneyland Resort Holiday Trip Report - Thanksgiving Day 2013

Theme Park Overload spent Thanksgiving Day in Disneyland this year, where great weather and about average crowds made for a great day! We brought our camera along to check out all the current happenings around the resort.....enjoy!

First, we take a quick peek at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Refurbishment that's coming along nicely in Disneyland. Being a full track replacement, this labor-heavy project has a new estimated opening date of Spring 2014!

Welcome to Holiday-Disneyland!

The "new" Holiday-Inspired Jingle Cruise held around a 30 minute wait for the day, not bad!

Hopping over to DCA, this display in Condor Flats has been retrofitted with Disney's Planes. Not sure how "new" this is, but it's the first time I've seen it!

The park still has the Monsters University corner up towards the end of Hollywood Land.

Due to the lack of future projects, the Blue Sky Cellar has remained closed. :(

Switching over to Downtown Disney, construction on the resort's third Starbucks is in full swing!

I can see them building a really cool facade for the entrance that'd match the surrounding area great!

The still-new Earl of Sandwich shop was decently packed during the times I walked by. Looks like California guests are starting to enjoy one of Florida's once specialties! 

With the day coming to a close, look! It's a Small World Holiday!

As always, Disneyland during the holidays didn't disappoint!

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