Whale's Tale Water Park - Photo Trip Report and Review

Today calls for a more unique update. Theme Park Overload heads down to Lincoln, New Hampshire to check out the Whale's Tale Water Park! We also check out the new Poseidon's Voyage waterslide, new for 2013!

Special thanks to TPO Correspondent Cole Summers for covering today's update. To find out how you can become a correspondent (And all the perks that come with it) click the Become a TPO Correspondent tab above!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

So you don't get lost...

Orange, Blue and Green (Poseidon's Voyage) Light blue (The Plunge) Blue (Downpour).

Here it is, the new slide Poseidon's Voyage! It's your standard ProSlide SuperLOOP.

The always fun water-playground.

Don't forget the little kids!

I tell you, Cole found the perfect day to go! The whole park was practically empty, due to a thunderstorm warning that eventually never happened.

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