Cedar Point's 2014 Plans include 2 New Rides and Minor Park Improvements

Cedar Point has officially announced their 2014 plans today for the park! Though it wasn't what people were maybe expecting or hoping for, it still is a pretty good move for the park and it's family appeal. (Considering they just put in a new Roller Coaster for this year.)

Alright, let's start with the Official 2014 Announcements Video, straight from Cedar Point's YouTube Channel:

pipe scream
Pipe Scream

Located in the Gemini Midway, the new Pipe Scream flat ride is the highlight of the announcement. Riders will be spun up and down the 43 foot tall track at a top speed of 43 MPH! I do have to say, these type of rides are a lot more thrilling and fun than you'd think...Keep an open mind you hardcore Roller Coaster riders!

lake erie eagles
Lake Erie Eagles

Located right across the midway from Pipe Scream, Lake Erie Eagles will be a welcomed addition to the park in 2014. It's your standard Flying Scooters ride, where the base rotates and swings your car into a large circle. Using the "wing" on the front of the vehicle, riders are able to move their eagle back and fourth as much as they'd like!

The park also has other minor improvements planned for 2014. The Jr. Gemini family coaster's entrance will be moved to Camp Snoopy and be renamed Wilderness Run. Plus, the Frog Hopper flat ride currently on the Gemini midway will also be moved to Camp Snoopy and be renamed Woodstock's Airmail.

Finally, the park's Hotel Breakers will undergo a 2 year renovation starting in 2014. Next year will be the exterior, where in 2015 they'll focus on the interior. It's a much needed refresh the hotel needs if Cedar Point truly wants to become a Multi-Day Resort Destination.

The park expects to have the improvements done (Minus the Hotel Breakers renovation) for Opening Day 2014 in May! What do YOU think of Cedar Point's 2014 Plans? Let us know on our Facebook page (And be sure to "LIKE" it too for Exclusive Content and Giveaways from Theme Park Overload!) www.Facebook.com/ThemeParkOverload My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!