Universal Studios Hollywood "Universal Plaza" Construction Update - July 2013

Welcome to ThemeParkOverload.net! Today we check out Universal Studios Hollywood (#SummerofSurvival) to take a peek at the new Universal Plaza currently under construction at the park!

Special thanks to TPO Correspondent Julius Henkin for providing today's update! To find out how you can become a correspondent (And all the perks that come with it) click the Become a TPO Correspondent tab above!

Man, those buildings are starting to take shape!

For that round building I'd put my money on this being a new retail store of some type.

But you know, at least Universal makes their construction walls interesting!

To top it off, here's the highly speculated object in the new plaza. Rumors are claiming that this will be a replica of the Carthay Circle Theater. Why is this significant? Well, just "down the street" the Disneyland Resort's Disney California Adventure has used the same theater as the centerpiece for their new remodeling. Will their really be TWO Carthay Circle Theater replicas in Southern California? Time will tell!

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