Undertow Construction Update July 2013 - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! We head to the beach today (the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to be exact!) to check out the final construction work being done on the new Undertow spinning coaster!

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 Seriously, for a spinning coaster, this is one CRAZY track layout!

 That drop reminds me of the one on the Superman Ultimate Flight Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

 And like all the Boardwalk rides, the awesome sea side views made the ride even more visually stunning!

"Late Summer" AKA Late August.

 What's that, a ride car?!

It is! The trains are on the track, which means testing should begin any day now!

 Like the previous Hurricane coaster, they really made good use of their space.

 Don't know about you, but I can't wait to ride!

 Here's where the Queue Line feeds into the station.

For all you Coaster Sensor Enthusiasts.

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