Gold Striker receives a 70 ft. "Scream Tunnel" at California's Great America

California's Great America's newest Roller Coaster, Gold Striker, has received a new ride element!. A 70 foot "Scream Tunnel" has been added to the coaster.....Why? Let us explain...

If you're a frequent visitor to the park, you'd know that California's Great America has been trying to build a new wooden roller coaster for a little over 7 years now. What's been stopping them? Two words, Santa Clara. Because of the park's prominent placement in the busy city of Santa Clara, noise has been a big concern for the city and the park. CGA's proposal for a new wooden coaster had been getting rejected for years, as the city was afraid of how loud the coaster would be and how it'd affect the area. 

Once the coaster was finally approved about a year ago, precautions were made to reduce noise.A tunnel was constructed over the first drop, and they even installed foam into every inch of the 3,000 ft + track! Well, one of CGA's neighbors still wasn't satisfied (*cough* Prudential Realty *cough*) They complained to the city, and Santa Clara told the park to, well, shut the coaster up!

The park identified the main problem in this 70 ft stretch of track. What did the do? Well, they built another tunnel! And currently, the coaster is once again in operation. In my opinion, I think the tunnel actually ADDS to the experience! It adds that extra dimension to the coaster that makes it even more unique! What do you think, is this a creative fix to the park's noise problem? Let us know on our Facebook page! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!