2013 California State Fair - Photo/Video Trip Report

Welcome to ThemeParkOverload! TPO heads down to the Capital City to check out the California State Fair at Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA! The fair is FANTASTIC this year, as all the new exhibits and rides really reinvented the fair this year.

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Welcome to Disne....California State Fair!

"Yes Cal Expo, we'll GIVE you the letters. They're right here, 7 Hours away in Anahiem. You're Welcome."

The other plaque that lays next to the letters.

Welcome to the Park!

They have a whole section themed for kids, sweet!

It just screams "Copyright Infringement".

Pretty cool exhibit. You put on 3D Glasses and go into a large room, where large 3D TV screens surround you. Their were a few different movies that alternate between showings; I watched the castle one.

Check out the motorcycle show on the midway!

They probably had 50 total feet to rev up, ride the up ramp, come down the second ramp, and brake. It was pretty incredible and very entertaining!

 "We've got all your favorite small animal themed coasters. We've got your Wild Mouse...

...Your Wacky Worm...

 ...And your Spinning Wild Mouse".

 Some of Michael Jackson's original rides from Neverland have been at the fair for a while now.

 Log Flume! Hooray!

 A look at the far west side of the Magical Midway.

No thank you!

One last look at the Midway...It does look fantastic at night!

The State Fair was definitely a lot of fun this year, easily an upgrade from last year! LIKE our Facebook page (Scroll up and check in the right sidebar) for live updates from when Theme Park Overload visits Amusement Parks! www.Facebook.com/ThemeParkOverload My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!