ThemeParkOverloadHD the NEW YouTube Channel for TPO!

Today marked a milestone for us here at ThemeParkOverload. Starting today, we have an official YouTube Channel devoted to everything TPO! will be the new home for all of our awesome Construction Updates, On-Ride POVs, New Ride Announcement videos, and more! Check out the video below explaining the new channel and its purpose:

As with any new channel, we have to start over with our subscriber base, starting at 0. It would really mean alot to us here at TPO for you to SUBSCRIBE so we can continue to bring you the content we do! It's FREE and it also delivers all of the new content directly to your feed on YouTube!

Still on the fence with the decision, heres the final pitch! Tomorrow is the Media Day for Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain and TPO's got full coverage of the event! Videos from Full Throttle of Interviews, an On-Ride POV, coverage of the Opening Ceremony, and more will be up on tomorrow! As always, My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!