Full Review of Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas waterpark - Summer 2013

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! TPO has been hitting up the Las Vegas strip this week, with the first article already up from the Adventuredome on construction of their new coaster "El Loco"! We're back today with the long anticipated update from just off the strip.....the new Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas waterpark! Check out the full review below, with pictures and reviews of each slide!

Here we are, Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas! It's about a 20 minute drive from the strip, and its marked with multiple billboards along the freeway to get here.

Let's start with the park's headliner slides, just to the left from the entrance, the Rattler and Constrictor!

The Constrictor's main selling point is its high-banked turns. The slide is pitch black inside, and you can feel the raft swoosh up on the side of the slide during the insane "constricting" moments. You also get the sensation of high speed in the slide, as the dark makes it feel much faster than the slide's top speed of 18 MPH. A very fun slide that I decided to ride twice!

The Rattler slide is, hands down, the signature attraction of the park. Sustaining the longest line in the park all day, the variation of elements mixed together in this slide makes it fun just to look at! You're sent through 2 "Rattling" pods during the ride, where the raft performs a small drop onto the other side of the slide, before losing momentum and dropping down to continue the ride. The elements are very unique, and seem to catch everyone by surprise, based on the screams you hear! Definitely a must-ride at the park!

Over to another one of the slide complexes, Zip Zapp Zoom! These may look like your average twisting slides, but take a closer look...

Check these out.....the slide has rainbow "rings" imprinted into parts of the ride! As you pass through the slide, sunlight passes through these rings and creates the sensation of a rainbow! These definitely make the ride stand out from your average twisty slide. Here's a tip: When you get to the top of the line and get to choose your slide, choose Green! Trust me!

Sorry for the bad photo (You aren't permitted to take pictures INSIDE the park) but here's the Desert Racers and Canyon Cliffs. DR are your standard 6 mat racer slide, but the vibrant colors really make them stand out, and add to the park's lively atmosphere! The Canyon Cliffs, though, definitely take some courage. Dropping 4 stories down, it's sure to separate the wimps from the brave! (I've ridden Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach in Disney World, but I still have second thoughts every time I ride these style slides.) It's a very smooth ride, and you're at the bottom in under 3 seconds!

Onto the next slide tower!

Royal Flush Extreme is your average FishBowl style slide (Slide down into the bowl, do a few revolutions in the bowl, and drop down to the exit.) I got 3 revolutions in the bowl, beat that!

Now for my favorite ride, the Hoover Half Pipe! After starting out making a U-turn from the top of the slide, you drop 57 feet straight down! 

While your raft is rotating in a circle, you drop up, then back down the massive half pipe! The park even added water jets to the drop, once again catching you by surprise! I saw every rider wearing a big grin on their face at the bottom of the ride, as this slide is just plain fun! Do not miss this ride if you're at the park! (On a side note, this is the only slide at the park that doesn't allow single riders, so make sure to grab a friend.)

Wet 'n' Wild is a great water park, and the perfect way to beat the Las Vegas heat. The park is a little on the small side, but this is normal for any new park. I do applaud the park though for putting in fewer quality slides in the beginning, instead of filling it with a lot of boring and identical slides like others have before. This is definitely a good base to building a quality water park, so good job to Wet 'n' Wild! If you're visiting the area, and you're looking for some fun outside the casinos, check it out!

Special thanks to Nancy Katz at Wet 'n' Wild for letting TPO review the place! Make sure to "Like" TPO on Facebook for Up-to-Date news and Exclusive Giveaways! www.Facebook.com/ThemeParkOverload My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!