Maurice's Treats announced for Disneyland's Fantasy Faire Expansion

Happy February, and Welcome to TPO! Exciting news for all you Disney Fans out there, as Disneyland has officially announced the Maurice's Treats food/beverage cart for their 2013 Expansion Plans!

Imagine strolling around Disneyland park biting into flaky Strawberry and Chocolate twists and crunchy Cheddar Garlic Bread,. Starting March 12, this could be a reality due to the "Fantasy Faire" expansion currently being built in the Fantasyland section of the park. Along with the new Princess Meet and Greet area, you'll be able to enjoy a snack at Maurice's Treats!

Now, for the food cart's headlining item, the Signature "Boysen Apple Freeze" will offer a great way to cool off during that the Southern California heat! Think Frozen Apple Juice, mixed with Wild Berry and a Passion Fruit foam. If you've been to a Disney Park recently, this drink might be familiar to you. "Red's Apple Freeze" in Cars Land and "Le Fou's Brew" in New Fantasyland are the same drink with a different name. Now, I've tried the drink in New Fantasyland and have to say it is quite good! Its flavors are very unique and take a little bit to get use to, but after the second or third sip your hooked!

These new additions at Disneyland, being within driving distance (instead of a flight across the country) is a definite plus for myself and any other regular Disneyland Resort visitor. Just one month to go! That's all for now from TPO.....Make sure to scroll down this page and read our other awesome articles to get your Theme Park Fix! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!