VIDEO: Test Track 2.0 Review and HD POV

Welcome to TPO! Today, we're going all out on Test Track 2.0's Re Opening at Epcot! First, check out an all new HD POV with all pre/post show elements included! (The video focuses on the Fastpass/Single Rider line)

Alrighty, what'd you think?! Here's the official TPO review:

The all new Re-imagined Test Track Presented by Chevrolet attraction is now open at Epcot in the Walt Disney World Resort. The same track from the attraction's original opening has stayed in place, but the new found enhancements (New Set, Sim Car design) have shed new light on this staple Epcot attraction.

The "selling point" of this ride is mainly the new Sim Car interactivity which brings a more personalized touch to riders. While in line, riders are given an RFID enabled card (Think of it as a wireless USB thumb drive) which you keep throughout the attraction. You are taken to a Touch Screen monitor, where you design a custom concept vehicle based around 4 categories using the new Chevrolet Design Software (capability, power, efficiency, and responsiveness). After your car is completed, you scan your RFID card to the monitor to link your car to the device, and proceed to vehicle boarding (For the Fastpass/Single Rider line, due to time constrictions, you select from a few pre-built cars vs. designing your own in the regular stand by line)

Now for the attraction. The environment is completely different from the original version. The black and yellow color scheme of a crash-test facility has been replaced with slick blue and white headlining colors, creating a high-tech atmosphere. This techno theme has been the center of criticism for the ride (some calling it "Tron-ish") and claiming the original Test Track feel is gone. But in my opinion, it works.

The Digital Test Facility concept does get a little sticky in some spots, but even if you don't fully understand all the tests happening doesn't mean you won't like the ride. The ride atmosphere feels very fresh, and replaced the some-what aging profile of the original Test Track into something that really fits with the theme of the surrounding Future World. (Now, for the parallel "Universe of Energy" attraction next to Test Track, that's another story) Though, the camera doesn't do this ride justice. Actually designing your car and experiencing the tests in person make this ride, and I think this is the reason some that haven't ridden it are quick to criticize. 

When you get the chance, grab a ride down to Epcot to take a spin on this bad boy! That's all for now from TPO! "Like" our Facebook page to get exclusive content you can't find anywhere else! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!

P.S. TPO got caught on a Ride Malfunction/Breakdown for Test Track 2.0 and the camera was rolling the whole time! Check it out below: