New Ride Lockers at Six Flags Great America Supports SmarteCart Rumor

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today, a quick update comes from Six Flags Cooperation regarding Roller Coaster Ride Lockers and company partner SmarteCart.

First reported by Six Flags Cooperation seems to plan on replacing the current "ride lockers" branded by SmartCarte. These lockers are located at the entrance of each coaster, where for $1 the locker stores your belongings safely while you're riding. Supposedly, because SmarteCarte is asking for more money, Six Flags is opting to install new lockers by Best Lockers. This rumor has grown a little today, check out this new photo just posted to Six Flags Great America's Facebook Page:

During the winter some bigger projects like replacing locker equipment take place

It looks like SmarteCart's finished business with Six Flags. If you look to the left, you can see some of the old SmarteCart kiosks that used to take your Dollar Bill for a locker. Because Six Flags Great America is one of the first parks to close for the season, it makes sense that they're the first to change the lockers out. Expect to see the other parks slowly change their lockers as well as they eventually close for the season.

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