Full Throttle Construction Update - November 2012, Six Flags Magic Mountain

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today, I have an update from the construction site of Full Throttle from Six Flags Magic Mountain! This "One Loop Wonder" will send riders blasting at 70 MPH through the World's Largest Vertical Loop at 16 stories! Construction equipment is already on site, and markers have gone up in the Launch Tunnel as well! Let's get started!

First, check out the video portion of this update, covering the main construction area!

Now, on with the pictures!

 Over in the Main Plaza, construction crews are very present!

 Leveling out the ground seems to be the current focus

 More equitment

 Over in the "launch tunnel" some new markers have gone up!

 No track present just yet

 Here will be the bottom of the sharp Dive Roll

If you look closely in the upper center, you can spy another marker

The same fences, blocking the tunnel, are still up!

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