2013 Construction at Golfland SunSplash in Roseville, CA

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today, a Construction Update comes out of Roseville, California at the Golfland SunSplash Water Park/Fun Center! Workers here are in full force building and constructing an unannounced addition for the 2013 season! Let's check it out!

 The water park is currently closed, but the Arcade, Go Carts, Lazer Tag, etc. is open year round.

 A look through the fence shows normal practices for an off season.

 A look to the right reveals an active construction project!

 Workers appear to be leveling the plot of land.

 At another angle, more construction equipment comes in view.

 Possible supplies for the project?

 It looks like concrete could be poured in the near future.

A step back into the parking lot presents this.

 I believe this is called a GHEL Dyna Lift.

 The whole area is wide open and not blocked off in the Parking Lot. A little bit of a safety issue if you ask me.

 The area appears too small for another water slide addition. Considering the park generally waits 3-4 years between slide additions, and the twin ProSlide Aqualoops Double Dare were just put in this season, so I'm going to call a negative on a slide. The construction site is already next to the Rent-able Cabanas sold in the park, so it looks like they're adding more cabanas. Park guests can rent these for the day to have a private area for larger groups, and generally contain chairs and a large table.

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