Six Flags Great America Flaunts X-Flight's 1 Millionth Rider

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today, Six Flags Great America made an interesting statement  today on their Facebook Page. Check it out below.

The post takes a direct jab at the Dollywood Theme Park, located in Pigeon Forge, TN. Wild Eagle, like X Flight, is one of the first B&M (Coaster Manufacturer) Wing Coaster models. You are placed in 2 abreast seats, suspended on the left or ride side of the track, and "fly" through the twisted steel maze. 

Now back to what Six Flags Great America said, people are starting to debate the fairness of SFGA's statement. In my opinion, the post was very unprofessional. They literally called out Dollywood for no good reason. But you're entitled to your own opinion, so I've put together a section for each park with three facts or opinions to decide which coaster is truly the "Most Popular"!

 Six Flags Great America

1. Wild Eagle opened back in March, where X-Flight didn't open until May

2. Wild Eagle is Dollywood's only "Big" coaster, where SFGA technically has about 5

3. Wild Eagle is Dollywood's Largest Investment Ever, where X-Flight is in the same price range of similar coasters within the park (15-20 Million)

Wild Eagle

1. X-Flight has 32 passenger cars, where Wild Eagle only seats 28

2. Dollywood generally closes at 7 P.M. , where SFGA stays open as late as 11 P.M.

3. SFGA is next to a Big City (Chicago) where Dollywood is more remote in Pigeon Forge, TN

That's all for now from Theme Park Overload! Do you think Six Flags Great America's statement has any legitimacy? Tell us your opinion by leaving a comment on our Facebook Page! 

My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!

P.S. Look out for a Full Media Day Report from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Fright Fest event coming October 20!