Shouka the Killer Whale Leaving Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for Sea World!

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today some relatively sad news has come from my local park Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Shouka the Killer Whale has been sent over to Sea World San Diego. Here is the statement released on the park's Facebook page:

"Shouka, a beloved and cherished member of the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom family, is now living at SeaWorld San Diego. She touched millions of lives and we are forever grateful for the time she spent here. Please join us in wishing Shouka much love and a fond farewell."

Very interesting..... Back in May, a man by the name of  Michael Baroni claimed Shouka would be sent to a park in Canada. Michael worked for Palace Entertainment, and claimed that their parent company, Parques Reunidos, had originally given Shouka to SFDK for breeding purposes. The whale had come from a marine animal park in France. Michael and his company were against the relocation, where SFDK purposely wanted to send Shouka to Canada.

This proposed event has a lot of holes in it. Why would SFDK want to get rid of their Headliner Show? They built the park's largest stadium, Shouka Stadium, specifically for the Killer Whale show. Another thing is SFDK's lack of rides for small children. The show was something for them to do, and now a full stadium is going to sit dormant (just like the Batman Water Ski show the park use to have) I don't think so.

 My guess is for 2013 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will get a new animal to replace the Shouka show into something totally new! We don't have to wait much longer, as the official announcement for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and all other Six Flags parks, is coming up in 10 Days on August 30. 

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