"Outlaw Run" Wood Coaster Announced at Silver Dollar City for 2013 Season!

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! The coaster world is going CRAZY today over the announcement of the "Outlaw Run" wooden coaster being built at Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson, Missouri! Let me just start off by showing you this video:

That's right, a wooden coaster with THREE INVERSIONS! This has only been attempted once on the Son of Beast coaster at Kings Island years ago, with it's single vertical loop. The ride was later closed and currently being demolished due to safety issues. So their are currently no wooden coasters that contain inversions, let alone three! Here are some of the AMAZING facts about this record breaking coaster!

Keep in mind that 81 degree drop. Most steel coasters don't even have a drop that steep, let alone on a wooden coaster! Here is a complete layout of the coaster:

Another thing, just look at the Number 8 Star on the rendering above. Not just a single, but a DOUBLE barrel roll! Just imagine rolling through those double barrel rolls at almost 70 MPH!

This is absolutely amazing, and will definitely change the way we look at wooden coasters today! Check out some of the early renderings of the ride from the park's Thursday press release:

That's all for now from Theme Park Overload! Be sure to enter your email in the top sidebar to be notified about future posts, as construction is heating up for a Spring 2013 opening date and construction updates will be posted in the near future! My name's Nicholous, and thanks for reading!

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